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With the application of novo General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), as of May 25, 2018, SGQS CONSULT, LDA  declares that it remains strongly committed and committed to protecting the privacy and personal data of the respective holders.



Personal data is any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person, namely through the name, tax identification number, location data, electronic identifier or other elements that allow the identification of that natural person. The information collected when someone visits the website da QS CONSULT, LDA or enrolls in a training course or purchases a service from the company is considered personal information and falls within the scope of GDPR


MAIN IDENTIFICATIONS:  Name, civil or tax identification number, passport number, date of birth, marital status, address, telephone, email address, nationality, photographs and mobile device files, household data, kinship data.

COMPLEMENTARY IDENTIFICATIONS:  IBAN, education level, gender, profession, socio-economic data, personal ID, social network addresses.



When we ask for your name, address or telephone number, we aim to maintain a closer relationship with our partners. With this data, we start to treat you by your own name, we get closer to you and we can respond to your needs and try to exceed your expectations.

A SGQS CONSULT, LDA in no way intends to make your data available in lists for promotional purposes via email or telephone, nor will it disclose it to any other organization or company. SGQS CONSULT, LDA  is committed to protecting your privacy and will make a great effort to ensure the use of technology that is effective enough to make your online experience from day to day more secure and your relationships on the Web increasingly strengthened.

All personal data provided by the customer, within the scope of their relationship with SGQS CONSULT, LDA are a necessary requirement for the conclusion of the contract and are treated in strict confidentiality, and their treatment is the sole responsibility of the same.

We will ask for your express consent before using the information for purposes other than those expressly provided for in this Privacy Policy.


The collection of personal data is exclusively provided by customers in face-to-face meetings, audits   or by email, and their treatment and conservation is carried out by SGQS CONSULT, LDA.

Under audits and/or training, personal data may be collected, which may eventually be verified later in a hearing system by SGQS CONSULT, LDA.

Some examples of Purposes and the respective way of processing data:

Signing of a contract / Invoicing: Registration of personal data in a contract and/or invoicing when it is not a company

Certificates of participation / training: Registration for identification of participants. If registration on the DGERT platform is necessary, the legal requirements are added.

Audit report: Registration of the names and functions of people interviewed as evidence of their performance in the course of audits

We collect personal data with your consent when you purchase our services.


The cookie policy da SGQS CONSULT, LDA   is an additional way of collecting personal data in order to detect and correct website problems, offer strong and comfortable digital experiences , streamline navigation on channel pages. Cookies are pieces of data, such as names and email addresses, stored by a website on a user's first visit. On subsequent visits, the website is already able to identify the visitor as not being new, for example.

This Privacy Policy applies to the collection, use and disclosure of Personal Information on our website. "Personal Information" is information provided that personally identifies visitors, including, for example, your full name, address, telephone number and email address.

When you use the SGQS CONSULT, LDA  website (;, our servers (which may be third-party servers) may obtain information indirectly and automatically (through , for example your "IP address") about your activities while browsing the site, including the pages you visited, when you visited them and also the browser information you use. We do not link your browsing data with your Personal Information. We only use your browsing data solely for the purpose of improving SEO, as a way of understanding how the accesses are taking place in order to optimize it. The IP address, known as the internet protocol address, is a unique number automatically associated with your computer when you use the internet. In some cases your IP address remains the same from one browsing session to another which may allow traceability back to users.


We do not use advertising companies on our website. Companies that somehow stand out on our website are our partners in win-win relationships.


The emails exchanged between both parties are carried out within internationally recognized servers.

Some of our customers use Cloud platforms to share information, which is also managed by a privacy policy.  Customers are alerted to the possibility of losing important information and the risks of using of this type of tools so that if they want to opt for other alternatives or por  implement mitigation actions.

 Personal data provided by customers is stored on a hard disk protected by antivirus. There is no need to expose data to external entities, which is why SGQS CONSULT, LDA does not do so, except in the case of audits where the client is warned before starting the same. The only data made available externally are public and non-personal (NIPC, Company Address, etc.)


A SGQS CONSULT, LDA  processes and stores your personal data according to the purposes for which they are processed.

There are cases in which the law requires the processing and storage of data for a minimum period of time, namely: por 10 years, the data necessary for information to the Tax Authority for accounting or tax purposes.

But, whenever there is no specific legal obligation, then the data will only be processed for the period necessary to fulfill the purposes that motivated its collection and preservation and always in accordance with the law, the guidelines and decisions of the CNPD. Thus, a SGQS CONSULT, LDA will process and keep your personal data for the period in which it maintains a contractual relationship with you.

A SGQS CONSULT, LDA  may keep other personal data for periods longer than the duration of the contractual relationship, either based on your consent or to ensure rights or duties related to the contract, either because it has legitimate interests that underlie it, but always for the period strictly necessary to carry out the respective purposes and in accordance with the guidelines and decisions of the CNPD, namely contact for marketing and sales purposes.

SGQS CONSULT, LDA  is not responsible for the processing of its users' personal data that is carried out through third-party social networks and external web services, which are connected to our institutional website, under the terms defined in Law.


The  SGQS CONSULT, LDA   has implemented and follows protective measures to protect against unauthorized access or processing of personal information and interception. However, no website can fully eliminate security-related risks. This is a fact.

However, we have a variety of information security measures, in line with the best national and international practices, in order to protect your personal data, including technological controls (antivirus, backups), administrative, technical, physical measures and procedures that guarantee the protection of your personal data, preventing its misuse, unauthorized access and disclosure, its loss, its improper or inadvertent alteration, or its unauthorized destruction. In terms of information security, we assume the same commitment to continuous improvement by which we are guided in our daily activity.

Among others, we highlight the following measures:

  • Restricted access to your personal data only by those who need them for the purposes set out above;

  • Storage and transfer of personal data only in a secure manner;

  • Protection of information systems through devices that prevent unauthorized access to your personal data;

  • Implementation of mechanisms that guarantee the safeguarding of the integrity and quality of your personal data;

  • Permanent monitoring of information systems, with the aim of preventing, detecting and preventing the misuse of your personal data;

  • Redundancy of personal data storage, processing and communication equipment to avoid loss of availability.

When required by law, we may have to disclose your personal data to authorities or third parties, in which case our control over how your personal data is protected is limited.


Owners, as long as they are duly identified, are granted the right of access to the information registered about them, and may request its correction and/or elimination, provided that this request is compatible with the applicable legislation. To do so, they must express their wishes to the privacy officer.

The customer is solely responsible for the information provided, namely its veracity, omissions, inaccuracies and falsities, and it is his duty to notify SGQS CONSULT, LDA of all subsequent changes, among which, in a non-exhaustive manner, , address, telephone number and e-mail address.

The data is collected, processed and stored in the national territory and returned to national or international customers through the same reception means/platform provided by the customer.

The data subject has the right to have the personal data processed be transmitted to him


The holder has the right to object at any time, for reasons related to his particular situation, to the processing of personal data concerning him based on the exercise of legitimate interests pursued by SGQS CONSULT, LDA or when the processing is carried out to purposes other than those for which the personal data were collected, which is never a PRETENTION.


If SGQ CONSULT, LDA is aware of or suspects the loss of personal data information to third parties, it will activate the necessary means to alert the injured person and, if necessary, to the CNPD within 72 hours of becoming aware of the incident.


The processing of user data may be carried out by a suitable service provider, hired by SGQS CONSULT, LDA   . This service provider will process the data only for the purposes established by SGQS CONSULT, LDA  and following its precise instructions, strictly complying with the legal rules on personal data protection, information security and other applicable legislation.



The responsibility for the processing of data rests exclusively with the Management.



The data protection officer can be contacted at the number 964618417, between 9:00 am and 7:00 pm.

The customer and/or employee may file a complaint with the CNPD, under the terms of the applicable legislation.



This Privacy Policy is reviewed and updated when applicable. Such changes will be duly published on this Website.



Right to file a complaint with the supervisory authority, the CNPD, in addition to the company.

 CNPD – National Data Protection Commission

Rua de São Bento, n.º 148-3º  1200-821 Lisbon     Mail:   (+351) 213 976_cc781905-5cde-bb_35b-594








VERSION 1 - 26-05-2018


In the event of a dispute, the consumer may resort to the following alternative consumer dispute resolution (ADR) entity:

CIAB – Consumer Information, Mediation and Arbitration Center (CONSUMER ARBITRAL TRIBUNAL)

Rua D Afonso Henriques, nº 1 (Ed. da Junta de Freguesia da Sé) 4700 – 030 BRAGA

phone 253 617 604 // fax 253 617 605  e-mail:

Av Rocha Paris, nº 103 (Vila Rosa Building)

Âncora 1


You can file your claim online:

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