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  • Selecting, planning and executing an implementation project to obtain essential certifications, which attest to compliance with both legal and regulatory requirements.

  • Raising awareness, sensitizing  and training teams to meet new requirements imposed by customers and new emerging markets.

  • Attesting to compliance, by submitting a report, based on work based on a professional and impartial way, using auditing techniques. 

  • Using a  work tools  whose purpose is to manage the  business risks, leveraged in HACCP analyses, 35-75c bb3b-136bad5cf58d_SWOT, PESTEL and others.


  • We have developed a consultancy that aims to support companies in identifying the most relevant certifications for their competitiveness in the market. Throughout this process, training and capacity building actions are developed, planned according to the objectives to be achieved.

  • We conduct  audits in order to verify the implementation status of the  implemented practices and procedures, in order to implement preventive actions before certification audits.

  •   of the results and correction of identified deviations  as a result of the audit previously carried out.


The certification process can be quite simple or a serious problem if not taken seriously. In general, follow the steps in the following scheme, with QSCONSULT intervening at all levels.

Esquema de Certificação.png


The purpose of implementation is to create methodologies to meet the requirements of the adopted standards.

It is a very variable process depending on the number of workers, involvement of top management and the rest of the team.

Average implementation period normally less than one year, which may vary depending on the variables.

It always involves training actions for workers and management positions.

We work with several references, including:

  • Quality (ISO 9001)

  • Food safety  -  HACCP,  FSSC 22000, IFS,  BRC / BRCGS, MSC, GMP+, GlobalGap, IFS logistics, IFS HPC, IFS PacSecure, BRC Packaging, etc

  • Environment - ISO14001

  • Work Safety -  ISO 45001 | NoP 4413 - Maintenance of Fire Extinguishers

  • Information Security - ISO 50001 | GDPR

  • social - Conciliation of professional, personal and family life - NP4552

  • Pest Control - NP EN 16636 (CEPA) 



It is a process of verifying the degree of implementation of requirements according to the selected standard. Most of them are 1 to 2 days of work, and sometimes more days can be extended, depending on the number of processes, area implemented, number of non-conformities, number of workers, number of sites, etc.
At the end, a report of deviations is issued and it is the responsibility of the organization to take the necessary actions.
It implies  a report  with the detected deviations.

Imagem de auditoria.jpg


The training provided by QSCONSULT is tailor-made. It is exclusively intended to enhance knowledge within the implemented standards and if it is a customer need, we provide DGERT certificates as a result of the partner companies with whom we work.

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